RIP Pat Rocco Albany Chef and Artist Extraodinaire

Yesterday (2/24/14), Albany lost a legend – Pat (Pasquale) Rocco, chef extraordinaire and all around mensch.


 Pat started out with a small restaurant on upper New Scotland Ave. 


Pat  then went on to become  the Executive Chef at the legendary Ambassador Rstaurant – first on State St. and then on Elk St. when it was forced to move by  South Mall demolition.  

ambassador 3


After  the Ambassador closed, he  served as executive chef to Governors Carey and Cuomo.  Chef Rocco was instrumental in the development of the pastry department of the well-known culinary division of  Schenectady County Community College.  Pat subsequently  moved to Las Vegas  and worked his magic there, before returning to Albany.

Pat was perhaps most known for his magnificent  and spectacular sugar creations; extravaganzas of pastillage. Pastillage is  the art of creating decorations and objects from sugar dough, and dates back to perhaps the 16th century.

Pat was the master.  He  exhibited at the International Culinary Food Show in NY, Societé Culinaire Philanthropique, for many years.  In 1972, he won the silver medal in the pastillage category in the World Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany.  His pieces were amazing!

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Pat  literally wrote the book, in 1998.


He was an astonishing talent, in addition to being a much beloved husband and father.  

Pat Rocco Obituary