The Little French Church Albany NY

There once was a little jewel of a church, the Church of the Assumption, located at 107 Hamilton Street. In its location there is now a parking garage for the Empire State Plaza. It was known as the Roman Catholic French Church. It was originally named L’Assumption de la Ste. Vierge.

The church was formed in the early 1860’s by a group of French Canadian emigres who left Canada t come to the United States.

The Church was established in 1869 . The first structure burned and it was re-built in was demolished in 1963. Early records were maintained in both Latin and French. The parish was re-created as Our Lady of Assumption Church in Latham. Here are some photos of the 1892 church interior and a photo printed in KN on August 15 1944; a man giving thanks for the American liberation of Paris. There is also a poignant interview with the long time Pastor of the Church.. just before it went under the wrecking ball.

assumpt stained

assumoptioin 4

assumption interior


assumpton aug 15 1944

church od the assumptioin  june 29
Interview with Monsignor Grattan June 1963 (Albany Knickerbocker News –


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