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The Boys of Albany. Not Just Names on the Vietnam Wall

There are 37 names on the Vietnam Wall from Albany, NY. USA Capt. Thomas J. Bergin, 30, 3/14/64 USAF Maj. Theodore R. Loeschner, Jr., 37, 4/24/65 USMC Pfc. Hans Jorg Rudolph Lorenz, 21, 4/26/66 USA Spec 4 Keith Knott, 19, 5/9/66 USA Pfc. Robert G. Burrell, 19, 8/2/66 USA Pfc. Arthur J. McNally, 23, 10/17/66 […]

RIP Pat Rocco Albany Chef and Artist Extraodinaire

Yesterday (2/24/14), Albany lost a legend – Pat (Pasquale) Rocco, chef extraordinaire and all around mensch.  Pat started out with a small restaurant on upper New Scotland Ave.  Pat  then went on to become  the Executive Chef at the legendary Ambassador Rstaurant – first on State St. and then on Elk St. when it was […]

Albany Business College Albany N.Y.

The Albany Business College was a private, for profit  educational insitution and  was a maintain of the city for over a century.  It was established in 1857  as a subsidiary of Bryant and Stratton in 1857 by C.E. Prentice, John Carnell and Benton Hoit.   In later years it severed its affiliation with Bryant and Stratton […]

Echoes of Pine Hills/Madison Ave Albany NY


The Public Market Albany NY

  In the  early 1800’s Albany’s open air public market was located at the intersection of State and Market Street (now Broadway).  Over time the market are moved north, as real estate in the City center became more costly. By the early 1880s  it was held once a week and located at the top of […]

VINTAGE ALBANY NY Fashions 1900-1919

Albany Evening Journal  1915     Albany Evening Journal 1918 Myers Department Store 1915                                                          

The Albany Billiard Ball Company

The Billiard Ball factory was in my neighborhood when I was growing up.  It was located on Delaware Ave. just south of Whitehall Rd.  There’s a strip mall today.  It was a fixture of my childhood, belching smoke  (God only knows what was in it.) John Wesley Hyatt (1837-1920) was the inventor of the celluloid […]