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Albany Business College Albany N.Y.

The Albany Business College was a private, for profit  educational insitution and  was a maintain of the city for over a century.  It was established in 1857  as a subsidiary of Bryant and Stratton in 1857 by C.E. Prentice, John Carnell and Benton Hoit.   In later years it severed its affiliation with Bryant and Stratton […]

Echoes of Pine Hills/Madison Ave Albany NY


The Old NYS Museum Albany NY

The old NYS Museum in the wonderfully iconic State Education Building was a garden of earthly delights. Tens of thousands of  NYS school children visited  the museum during its 60 some odd years, until it closed when the “new” Museum in the Cultural Center in  the Empire State Plaza opened in the 1970s. But for […]

The Altamont Fair – Albany Agricultural Society

The first Fair was sponsored by the Albany Agricultural Society in 1813. From then until 1892, fairs were held in Albany and other surrounding towns, including Bethlehem Center and Slingerlands. The Altamont Driving Park and Fair Association was incorporated on May 20, 1893. The Board of Directors voted to establish a grandstand (which would be […]

The Albany Billiard Ball Company

The Billiard Ball factory was in my neighborhood when I was growing up.  It was located on Delaware Ave. just south of Whitehall Rd.  There’s a strip mall today.  It was a fixture of my childhood, belching smoke  (God only knows what was in it.) John Wesley Hyatt (1837-1920) was the inventor of the celluloid […]

Muhlfelder’s Albany NY

Muhlfelder’s was a woman’s clothing store on North Pearl Street in downtown Albany. It was established in the early 1900’s, and closed the early 1970’s. It was  known  for good quality, moderate to expensive clothing.  It was one of the few clothing stores that had an extensive cosmetics department, as well as excellent costume jewelry and hats. (Ads from […]

Easter Bonnets/Hats Albany NY

David’s 1948 Whitney’s 1951 David’s 1953 McQuades 1922 Chic Hat Shop 1966 Grace Merrit  1936 Montgomery Wards  1943 Nussbaum and Livingston 1920 Spurburg’s  1936 Muhlfelder’s 1945 Nussbaum and Livingston 1921 Muhlfelder’s 1914 Myer’s 1967 Honigsbaum’s 1940 Muhlfelder’s  1958 Muhlfelder’s 1948 Myer’s 1951 Flah’s 1958 Muhlfelder’s  1914 Grace Merrit  1927 Myer’s 1961 JoBelle  1941 JoBelle  1939 […]