moviues 1928I  was born and raised in Albany, New York.  This blog is my attempt to save scraps of Albany history, mostly in the 20th century, that I fear will otherwise be lost in the mists of time. 

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Or take a look at the amazing array of vintage and historic  Albany photos and ads crowd sourced through the Albany FB group at our flickr site,  Albany Group Archive

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    1. Mo I don’t have pictures Muhlfelder’s must have sold tens of thousands of pieces of costume jewelry. I have at least 100 pieces. Costume jewelry, unless it is signed by a major designer, or has a provenance, is merely interesting from an aethetic perspective. A lot of the costume jewelry sold by Muhlfedler’s wasn’t signed, nor do I recall Muhlfeler’s identfying the jewelry as a piece it sold.. unless it has a price tag or is in a specially made box with Muhlfelder’s name.

  1. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely article on my dad, Pat Rocco. He was a true Albanian to the core! I am thrilled that you highlighted his life in such a special way, and I KNOW that he would be most pleased! Wonderfully written, with great and appropriate pics to accompany the article. Thanks, again! 🙂 Steph (Rocco) Galietta

  2. I’d love to hear more about School #4. I grew up on Western Ave, walked to school for years. We were then bussed to School #20 aftyer 6th.; I never really knew why School #4 was decommissioned. I was a little kid when it seemed they were going to tear down the school. My friend and I wanted to get the weather vane! Times have changed so much since the early 60’s, the whole neighborhood was our playground, just “come home when the streetlights come on.”!

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