Wellington Hotel Annex, demolished, 23, August 2014

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I brought the new-to-me Kodak digital camera downtown today around 9 am to shoot some pictures as The Wellington Annex was demolished. The city must have thought that people were there to celebrate because they set off fireworks:

derp. derp.


I wasn’t there to celebrate the demolishing of the Wellington to make way for a convention center. Like many in Albany, I went downtown more with sorrow for all the historic buildings Albany has lost over the years –many of which live on in my personal collection of photos. Since at least 2003, I have been taking photos of abandoned and neglected Albany properties with a cobbled-together collection of cheap digital point-and-shoots, and 35mm film SLRs I find at garage sales. 

When I first moved to Albany, The Wellington Hotel was still standing, and preservationists were actively trying to save the building. The main building on State Street was (at…

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