Albany Business College Albany N.Y.

The Albany Business College was a private, for profit  educational insitution and  was a maintain of the city for over a century.  It was established in 1857  as a subsidiary of Bryant and Stratton in 1857 by C.E. Prentice, John Carnell and Benton Hoit.   In later years it severed its affiliation with Bryant and Stratton and was privately owned.

It was originally located at 51-53 North Pearl St.  In 1889 it moved into a grand building, designed by Edward Ogden at  the corner of North Pearl and Columbia Streets in downtown Albany.  

The College moved  twice more in the 2oth century; first to Washington Ave,. 19 133 and then to Central Ave outside the City limits,  to an old Vallee’s restaurant site in the 1970s.  It closed in 1988, and was purchased by Bryant and Stratton, coming full circle.

ABC, as it as known, was sort of a family tradition. A great grandfather from Cohoes attended in the 1880s, a great uncle graduated in 1890, a great aunt in 1918 and another  uncle in 1956.


c 1915
C, 1895
c. 1910
c. 1910
c 1920


c. 1905
abcl 1909 - 3221 collge tailor
c. 1910
c. 1910
Employment Desk 1912
c 1895

abc 1927 - 6667 1

abc1936 - 3073 1

abc 1967 - 0008

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4 thoughts on “Albany Business College Albany N.Y.”

  1. Dear Albany Muskret, I do not wish to belong to a blog or subscribe to anything. I received an email notice about something to this extent. All I want to know is if you have any information or contacts I can have so as I can donate this special piece of ABC history some place.

    1. Marilyn.. Have no idea what you received. All of this is automated by wordpress and I don’t really understand. re: donation, contact the Pruyn Room of the Albany Public Library on Washington Ave, in Albany

  2. Hello, I had an aunt that attended ABC in 1953. Is it on 130 Washington Ave.? I see you suggested the Pruyn room for a donation. Would I be able to find history there from the mid fifties. Maybe a year book as well ?
    Thank you,
    Diane Fleming

    1. ABC was on Washington in 1953. The Pruyn room is in the Albany Public Library on Washington Ave, up the block on the other side from where ABC was located . The librarian in charge is Jim Davies.

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