Public Schools 8, 16 and 4

School 8 – Facing north on Madison Ave., between the cross streets of Philip and Grand Streetsschoo 8

School 16  North Allen St., just above Madison Ave. – before renovations.

school 16

School 4 on the corner of Madison Ave. and Partridge St, across from Vincention Institute (VI) . Demolished in the early 1970’s after it fell into ruin. (At one point there was a LARGE tree growing up out of the center.)  Now a basketball court.

school 4


2 thoughts on “Public Schools 8, 16 and 4”

  1. I went to School #4 in the ’60’s. I was sent to school #20 in 6th grade, I was under the impression that the roof had collapsed the day after school let out. It might have just been decommissioned. Would like to know what actually happened. We lived on Western Ave, I walked to school!

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